Avoiding sampling & copyright laws tips from Girl Talk

To mark my valiant return to the blog, I thought I’d grace you folks with this video about how the artist, Girl Talk has utilized over 300+ samples in  his records and has managed to avoid being sued. I’m assuming that the majority of our viewers are sample based producers, so this should be some good information to know. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Thanks to Logas for the correction, my valiant return to the blog has been a subpar one at best.

Source: Cratekings

9th Wonder Spits Philosophy and His Position Within the World of Hip Hop

Even though the title of this video is “9th Wonder Says Wonder Years May Never Come Out”, the subject of “The Wonder Years” is not the focal point of this video. 9th Wonder, who introduces himself as “Grammy-award winning producer, DJ, and intellectual” in the beginning of the vid, discusses where he wants to be in the future, and his thoughts on his position within the world of hip hop.

Quote to Dwell On:
“I’m trying to get the It’s a Wonderful World of Music group running, so when it’s time for me to walk away, I can walk away. This game is not built for me, in a way, because there’s a lot of terrible people in this game. Phonte always said, ‘Never meet your heroes, because your heroes let you down.’ For me, I just want to set it up for my team, and be the silent partner. I want to teach.  Man, to have sanity in my life, I will teach kindergarten.  My mom was a kindergarten teacher for 40 years; I’m trying to get her to retire now, she won’t quit for nothin’.”
-9th Wonder