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Mistah F.A.B. – Stuck In The Hood [Produced by Scrabble]

We admit, this was kind of random and unexpected… While browsing WSHH for the latest in urban violence and booty shaking, our very own Aye,Yu (fka. Scrabble) ran into his own beat on this Mistah FAB music video. It features two other rappers and it looks like it will be on emcee Thai’s album. Be sure to grab Mental Space, the instrumental album that the beat came from. Enjoy!

Introducing Aye, Yu

The truth is: Aye, Yu has been here with The Soul Dojo since the very beginning. He’s a versatile producer and we get to bring you his next album, From The Inside Out.

Below are some joints to peep if you aren’t familiar with his sound. Don’t sleep!

Also be sure to check out his previous TSD release: Mental Space

Aye, Yu on soundcloud, facebook